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Simon Hill


Simon Hill has been writing about tech for more than a decade. He is a regular contributor to WIRED, but you can also find his work at Business Insider, Reviewed, TechRadar, Android Authority, USA Today, Digital Trends, and many other places. Before writing, he worked in games development. He lives in Scotland.

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Plume’s SuperPods Offer Fast Wi-Fi and Motion Sensing

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What is Wi-Fi 7? Everything You Need to Know 

The Wi-Fi 6E successor is likely more than a year away, but it promises to significantly boost the speed and stability of your wireless connections.

This Updated Curtain-Opening Robot Offers a Taste of Luxury

This retrofit robot makes your drapes smart, so you can open or close them on a schedule or with a voice command.

The Spendy Somnox 2 Robot Sends You to Slumberland

This cuddly robotic bedfellow helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better, but the price will give you nightmares.