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Scott Gilbertson

Senior Writer and Reviewer

Scott Gilbertson is a senior writer and reviewer for WIRED, specializing in portable technology. He was previously a writer and editor for WIRED's, covering the browser wars, web standards, the independent web, and all aspects of internet culture. He studied at the University of Georgia.

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Pau Hana's Ultralight Paddleboard Is Ready to Go Anywhere

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Laptop

Shopping for a notebook can be exasperating. Here’s how to sift through the acronyms, storage options, and extra features to find the best one for you.

4 Ways to Sell or Trade In Your Old iPhone

If you plan to upgrade to one of Apple’s new models, don’t forget to cash in on your old one.

The Nighthawk M5 Router Brings Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

 This mobile broadband router offers 5G support, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

This Cold-Storage Crypto Wallet Is a Smart Investment

If you don't use a safe, offline storage device, you don't really own your cryptocurrency. The Ledger Nano X keeps it secure from prying eyes. 

The Best RSS Feed Readers (Because the Internet Is a Mess)

The internet is a mess. Ignore the algorithm, and distill the web down to the things you actually care about.

Email Doesn't Suck. It's Email Clients That Need Improving

Don't hate the technology, hate the implementation.

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The Best Podcasts for Your Smart, Bored Kid

These child-friendly stories will keep your little ones entertained and ease the stress of long road trips.

Insta360's New 360 Edition Has Insanely High Video Quality

Insta360's modular camera system brings Leica lenses and 1-inch sensor with 6K resolution to the world of 360-degree photography.