Raw Food Diet : How To Follow & One Week Sample Menu

Raw Food Diet : How To Follow & One Week Sample Menu

Raw food diet supporters believe that intense principally raw foods are right for human health and has several advantages, together with weight loss and higher overall health.

What Is the Raw Food Diet ?

The raw food diet, typically referred to as raw foodism or raw Veganism, consists of principally or fully raw and unprocessed foods.
A food is taken into account raw if it’s never been heated over 104°F – 118°F (40°C – 48°C). It ought to conjointly not be refined, alter, treated with pesticides or otherwise processed in any way. Instead, the diet permits many different preparation strategies, like juicing, blending, dehydrating, soaking and germinating.
Similar to Veganism, the raw food diet is typically plant-based, being created up principally of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. While most raw food diets are fully planted-based, some people conjointly consume raw eggs and dairy. Less usually, raw fish and meat is also enclosed still.
Besides, taking supplements is usually discouraged on the raw food diet. Proponents typically claim that the diet can offer you all the nutrients you wish. Supporters conjointly believe that preparing foods are harmful to human health as a result of it destroys the natural enzymes in foods, cut back their nutrient content and cut back the “life force” that they believe to exist altogether raw or “living” foods.
People follow the raw food diet for the advantages they believe it’s, together with weight loss, enhanced vitality, accumulated energy, an enhancement to chronic diseases, enhanced general health and a low-impact on the circumstances.

How to Follow the Raw Food Diet

To follow the raw food diet, check that a minimum of seventy-five percent of the food you eat is raw. Most raw food diets are prepared primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Grains and legumes are usually permissible likewise, however, sometimes got to be soaked or germinated before you eat them.

Foods to Eat

• All contemporary fruits
• All raw vegetables
• Raw nuts and seeds
• Raw grains and legumes, germinated or soaked
• Dried fruits and meats
• Nut milks
• Raw nut butters
• Cold-pressed olive and coconut oils
• Hard foods like kimchi and brussels’ sprouts
• Seaweed
• Sprouts
• Raw eggs or dairy products, if desired
• Meat or fish, if desired

Foods to Avoid

• Prepared fruits, vegetables, meats and grains
• Baked things
• Soaked nuts and seeds
• Refined oils
• Flavorer
• Refined sugars and flour
• Antisepticize juices and dairy products
 Coffee and tea
• Alcohol
• Pasta
• Pastries
• Chips
• Alternative processed foods and snacks

Is Raw Food Healthier Than Prepared Food?

Raw food diet promoters believe that ingestion principally or all raw food is good for human health.

However, like several of the basis beliefs behind the raw food diet, this idea isn’t cooked by science.

In fact, each prepared and raw foods have health advantages.

One of the main purpose the raw food diet disappoints cooking is due to demolish the natural enzymes in foods. These enzymes are essential for human health and digestive system.

Actually, the body earlier generates its own enzymes to assist chemical methods as well as digestion and energy production.

Another central belief beyond the raw food diet is that cooking destroys the nutrient content of foods.

Cooking will as a matter of fact decrease sure nutrients in food, particularly water soluble ones like vitamin C and B vitamins.

However, cooking really will enlarge the supply of alternative nutrients and antioxidants, like lycopene and beta-carotene.

Additionally, cooking conjointly kills harmful bacteria.

For these reasons, it is vital to eat a diversity of each raw and cooked foods.

Nutrition Review : pros and Cons

A raw food diet has some positive points. Mainly, it’s terribly high in recent fruits and vegetables. It additionally incorporates different foods that area unit high in nutrients and fiber.

To its credit, a raw food diet limits the intake of foods familiar to contribute to poor health if you eat them in excess, like processed junk foods and additional sugar.

Besides, a raw food diet nearly guarantees weight loss as a result of it’s low in calories. Even now, despite this, there are several cons to a raw food diet.

When somebody switches from a principally prepared diet to a principally raw diet, their calorie intake is probably going to decrease dramatically. Some people might not notice it attainable to eat enough raw food to reach their daily calorie wants.

This is partially as a result of fruits and vegetables, although healthy, clearly do not give enough calories or protein to make up the most of the diet.

Besides, preparation will increase the digestibility of foods, preparing it easier for your body to obtain calories and nutrients from them. In some cases, your body obtains considerably fewer calories from a food if it is raw.

Cooking additionally will increase the quantity of sure nutrients and antioxidants your body occupies.

Finally, raw diets tend to be nutritionally unstable as a result of them have to be principally created of either fats or fruits to satisfy calorie wants.

This means raw diets could also be defective not just in calories, however additionally at some vitamins, minerals and protein.

Sample Menu

A raw food diet will vary situated on the foods that are permitted and therefore the dieter’s food partiality.
If you choose to attempt a raw food diet, here is associate example of what one week on a 100% raw food vegetarian diet would resemble.


• Breakfast: Green smoothie
• Snack: Carrots and raw hummus
• Lunch: Raw smash noodle pasta with pesto
• Snack: Strawberries and almonds
• Dinner: vegetable pizza


• Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with fruit
• Lunch: Apple and walnut
• Snack: Freshly squeezed juice and nuts
• Dinner: Raw zucchini noodle pasta with sauce and bas


• Breakfast: night long oatmeal with sliced fruit and nuts
• Snack: Broccoli and raw hummus
• Snack: Raw sweet potato chips and fruit
• Dinner: Stuffed Portobello mushroom


• Breakfast: Fruit bowl
• Lunch: salad with figs and nuts
• Snack: Banana and raw nut butter
• Dinner: Raw lasagna


• Breakfast: Green smoothie
• Lunch: Germinated quinoa Buddha bowl
• Snack: Apple and berries
• Dinner: Raw tomato soup with marinated vegetables


• Breakfast: Submersed oats with berries
• Lunch: salad with avocado and fruit
• Snack: Sliced bell pepper and sunflower seeds
• Dinner: Raw veggies and cut veggies


• Breakfast: Raw banana pancakes and fruit
• Lunch: Raw squash soup
• Snack: Orange slices and nuts
• Dinner: Kale and mushroom

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