Need of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease In This Pandemic Situation

Need of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease In This Pandemic Situation


The need of antioxidants to prevent disease may be extended in an exceeding nutrition context to incorporate “compounds that defend biological systems against the doubtless harmful effects of processes or reactions which will cause excessive oxidations”.

This article explains the need of antioxidants to prevent coronavirus, foods that contain antioxidants, and more.


 Antioxidant implements of war of the body consist of endogenous and exogenous antioxidants, that are need of antioxidants to prevent disease, work along at the molecular level to guard cell membranes, lipoproteins, desoxyribonucleic acid & polymer from the damaging effects of free radicals. exogenous antioxidants area unit nutrients like antioxidants, tocopherols, and carotenoid and non-nutrient obtained through intake of various diets.
  Some antioxidants area unit synthesized by cells (endogenous), et al. ought to be provided by the diet.

Need of Antioxidants to Prevent Coronavirus :

They’re classified by – 

  A. Nutrient

   • Beta carotene – professional antiophthalmic factor.               
   • vitamin C – ascorbic acid.
   • Tocopherols.
   • Tocotrienols.

• Sulphur Amino Acids:    aminoalkanoic acid and essential amino acid.
   • Selenium.

  B. Non-nutrients 

   • Carotenoids (lycopene, xanthophylls)
   • Flavonoids (quercetin, myricetin, quercetagatin, gossypetin).
   • Anthocyanins.
   • Isoflavones.
   • Synthetic resin Compounds (catechin).
   • Indoles.


  • Cataract:- Cataract is the impairment in the vision caused due to the loss of transparency in the lens.
  Antioxidant standing is slow in individuals with cataracts. Antioxidants standing are often assessed by mensuration the amount of enzymes like turn, SOD, and peroxidase. Cataract patients have a lower intake of antioxidants like beta carotene, riboflavin, vitamin C, and minerals like copper, zinc, and manganese thus the need of antioxidants to prevent disease.

  • Cancer:- Dietary deficiencies of selected inhibitor micronutrients like – beta carotene, Vitamin C, vitamin E, chemical element, and their association with best-known risk factors within the pathologic process and potential interference of assorted cancers. synchronic correction of sub best plasma inhibitor levels perhaps necessary a part of optimum nutrition that facilitates to forestall early stages of cancer.

  • PEM:- Swelling could be a typical clinical feature of malnutrition. copper as a constituent of the body plays a very important role within the etiology of swelling in malnutrition. Plasma Copper and its ceruloplasmin and corpuscle SOD square measure considerably minimized in marasmic – malnutrition kids compare 2 to traditional and marasmic kids.     

   • Medical specialty Conditions:- Alpha antioxidant has been found to be helpful in deceleration of the progression of moderately severe presenile dementia. Antioxidants in foods are shown to be effective in maintaining memory, folate, antioxidants and beta carotene appear to be the simplest protecting agents that ar gift in fruits and vegetables.

  • Heart Disease:- 2 dietary elements that affect the oxidization macromolecule shall of cholesterol ar the amount of linolic acid within the particle and therefore the accessibility of antioxidants. vitamin E is that the foremost targeted inhibitor carried on low-density lipoprotein, the quantity being twenty to three hundred times bigger than the other antioxidants. The serious performance of vitamin E, which is the need of antioxidants to prevent disease forestall the oxidization of PUFA within the semipermeable membrane.


Chemical element is a gift as selenomethionine in cereals and millets. Among cereals, chemical element content is a lot of in jawar and bajra. Whole grains contain phenoplast compounds like – ferulic, caffeic acid, and phytic acid.

•  Phytoestrogen found in soybean may be a polyphenolic compound and anticarcinogenic result on the breast tissue and positive effects on the compound protein profile and bone density thus the need of antioxidants to prevent disease.
  Pulses like a shrub, mung, and ara|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} gram are a wealthy supply of element.

  • In vino, flavonols kind a part of a wider cluster of inhibitor chemicals known as polyphenols.

  • Polyphenols like Chlorogenic acid gift in occasional beans and tea leaves ar antioxidants.
  Polyphenols will stop the injury that free radicals do to cells, neutralize enzymes essential for tumor growth and deactivate cancer promoters.

Fruits & Vegetables :
   Red grapes and pomegranates contribute to antioxidants thanks to the presence of anthocyanins.

Green leafed vegetable area unit exceptionally made supply of carotene, that may inhibit arteriosclerosis and forestall cardiovascular disease.

   grilled tomatoes ar related to bigger health profit, compare 2 raws. It reduced the risk of many cancer and protection against heart attacks.
    Watermelon, Tomatoes & Pink Grapes are made in carotenoids.

Red onions ar made in flavonols.

 • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries contain polyphenol.

 • Sulfonamides in broccoli have cancer-preventive properties.

  oil contains a high quantity of unsaponifiable elements like tocotrienols and oryzanol.       

 • Whey supermolecule contains glutathione and inhibiting the expansion of many varieties of tumors.

   • Buggy ar sources of phytosterols and different phytochemical compounds with potential body fluid steroid alcohol modulating effects.   

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