What is Nutrition ? Functions Of Food || What is Health ?

What is Nutrition ? Functions Of Food || What is Health ?

What is Nutrition ?

It is the science of food that work in the body. It involves various chemical reactions and physiological processes which transform food into the body tissues and activities. It involves –

• Ingestion
• Digestion
• Absorption
• Excretion of waste

It also involves the activities of other bodily functions.

What is Food ?

It is the basic thing for our survival. It is the raw material with which our body is made up of. According to Mac Carrison – “food is the instrument of nourishment and the nutrition is the act of doing it”.

Functions of Food :

•  Provides Energy – Food provides the fuel or energy required to perform the most tasks of everyday living. we want energy to suppose, breath, walk, sit, speak and even sleep. we tend to get energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. it’s vital that we tend to eat enough food to provide all our wants. If we do not, we’ll feel tired.

• Growth and Repair – Food provides the materials required to create, repair and maintain body tissues. Proteins, fats and Minerals the simplest nutrients for growth. Growing bodies want additional quantity of those nutrients. every bodywhether or not growing or not, goes through a continuing repair method of exchange scraped or dead cells.

It is food that supplies the nutrients necessary for this process.

• Regulation – Food supplies the substances that help to regulate the body’s processes. Water, Vitamins and Minerals help regulate breathing, the nervous system, digestion, blood circulation and elimination of waste products from the body. 

• Protection – Vitamins , Minerals and supermolecule keep the body’s tissues and organs healthy. Healthy organs less doubtless to be attract by malady.

What is Health ?

Health is that the state of complete physical, mental, social well being Associate in Nursingd not simply an absence of any illness or infarmity.

Now we need to know, From where the word ‘Health’ comes from ?

The Word Health Comes from “WOLTH”. That means completeness.

• what’s Nutrients ?

These area unit the constituents or elements of food that has got to be equipped within the body in appropriate quantity.

These area unit –

• macromolecule
• Protein
• Fat
• Vitamins
• Minerals

There are some accessary nutrients like –

• Water
• Roughage / Cellulose
• Antioxidant

Nutrients may also reduce the risks of some degenerative diseases.

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