Some Useful Diet Information You Need to Know || Diet Planning || Food Pyramid || RDA || Diet Therapy

Some Useful Diet Information You Need to Know || Diet Planning || Food Pyramid || RDA || Diet Therapy

What is Diet ?

 Diet is the sum of food ingested by a person. The word diet often implies the use of specific intake of Nutrition for health or wealth management resumes. Diet needs absorption of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids from protein and essential fatty acids from fat holding food, additionally food energy within the variety of carbs, protein and fat. Dietary habits and choices perform a valuable role in the quality of life, health and longevity. Diet Information is very effective.

What is menu planning of Diet ?

Menu planning or Diet Information is the process of planning and scheduling intake of meals for general or specific individual requirements.

• Principles of planning Diets :

• Meeting Nutritional Requirements that means a good menu is one which will not only provide adequate calories, fat and proteins but also minerals, vitamins essential for the the physical health of each member of a family.

• Meal pattern mast fullfil family needs that means a family meal should cater to the needs of the different members.

• Meal planning ought to liberate time and energy.

• Economic consideration.

• Meal plan should give maximum nutrients.

• Consideration for individual likes and dislikes.

• Planned Meals should provide variety.

• Meals should give satiey.

• Availability of foods means menus should include locally available foods.

• The Five Food Groups and their major Nutrients

   The Food Guide Pyramid :

 The food guide pyramid is an educational tool that shows the dietary guidelines in the easily understood graphic format. Food Guide pyramid helps to reduced the risk of chronic diseases and meets the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances). 

What is RDA ?

The full form of RDA is Recommended Dietary Allowances. It is defined what is the nutrient present in the diet which satisfies the daily requirement of nearly all individual in a population.

  Why RDA is important ?

•  National Family Health Survey and UN agency reports, forty sixth of educational institution youngsters and half-hour of adults in India suffer from moderate and severe grades of protein-calorie deficiency disease.

• Over five hundredth ladies (particularly pregnant women) and youngsters suffer from iron deficiency anaemia (IDA).

•  diseases such as  obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

•  Iodine Deficiency Diseases (IDD) has been considerably reduced after the introduction of universal iodised salt.

• Diet Abbreviation :

 N/D : Normal Diet.
 S/D : Soft Diet.
 L/D : Light Diet.
 Liq : Liquid Diet.
 D/D : Diabetic Diet.
 SRFRS/D/D : Salt Restricted Fat Restricted Soft Diabetic Diet.
 Diarr : Diarrhoeal Diet.
 S/F : Salt Free Diet.

 NTM : Nothing Permitted by Mouth.
 NBM : Nothing by Mouth.
 F/F : Fat Free Diet.
D/M/D : Diabetic Mellitus Diet.
 SFFFN/D : Salt Free Fat Free Normal Diet.

• What is Diet Therapy ?

Diet Therapy is concerned with the modification of the normal diet and scientifically calculate to meet the requirements of the sick individual.

Purposes of Diet Therapy :

• To maintain good nutritional status.
• To correct deficiencies.
• To afford rest to the whole body or the part that is affected.
• To maintain body’s ability to metabolise the Nutrients.

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