Composition and The Role of Eggs to Prevent Coronavirus

Composition and The Role of Eggs to Prevent Coronavirus

Role of eggs to boost immunity are a part of a healthy and complete diet plan. In this pandemic situation we all should be aware of the role of eggs to prevent coronavirus .

Eggs are not only one of the healthiest diet options for weight watchers, but also the. There is a reason why kids are offered to eat eggs from the beginning. For a healthy body, strong nails, glossy hair, and strong bones, there are various potential benefits to consuming eggs on a regular basis diet.

It would surprise you to understand that in a very heap of coronavirus quarantine facilities around the world, patients in the recovery by eggs with their daily meals.

This article explains the role of eggs to prevent coronavirus and also the role of eggs to boost immunity.


 • Eggshell 
   The eggshell contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, Phosphorus pentoxide and organic matter (matrix protein & polysaccharide).
 • Egg White 
   Egg white consists of water largely with no fat or carbohydrate but contain 8% to 12% protein. 20per cent to 25per cent of the total white of whole eggs is thin white. Different types of proteins are present in egg white – 
  Ovalbumin, Conalbumin, Ovamucoid, Ovomucin, Lysozyme, Avidin (anti-nutritional factor), Ovoglobulin, Ovoinhibitor.
 • Egg Yolk 
 Egg Yolk comprises mostly 25% to 33% of fat and 15% to 17% protein and the remaining water. The yolk contains 50% of the solid portion. 
  a. Protein: It contains different Proteins like – Lipovitellins, Phosvitin, Livetin, Low – density lipoprotein.
  b. Fat: It contains triglycerides, phospholipids and lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are complexed with phospholipids and cholesterol.
  • Pigments 
  a. Shell – the colour giving substances in the egg-shell are ooporphyrins, a derivative of haemoglobin give brown colour and oocyanin, a product of bile formation gives bluish-green colour to the shell. 
  b. Egg White – egg white contains small amounts of ovoflavin. The riboflavin in the egg white, the greener is the colour.
  c. Egg Yolk – the colour of the egg yolk varies from a pale yellow to brilliant orange depending upon the amount and type of the pigment Carotenoids and xanthophylls and present in the diet of the hen.
  • Proteins : 
    Egg contents 12% to 14% protein which is well balanced with respect to all the essential amino acids. 
  • Fat :
    The egg is good sources of lecithin. It is the source of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and arachidonic fatty acids.
  • Minerals and Vitamins : 
    Important Vitamins – A, D, E, folic acid and B12 are present in the egg.
    Important minerals such as Phosphorus, iron, zinc and other trace elements are present in the egg. These nutrients are essential for growth and development of immunity to prevent coronavirus which protects from COVID pandemic.

   NUTRITIVE  VALUE  OF  EGGS (Per 100 gram) :

          Nutrients                       Amounts             
         • Energy (kcal)                                  173.0  

         • Protein (g)                                       13.3   

          Fat (g)                                             13.3                                   

         • Calcium (mg)                                   60.0                 

         • Phosphorus (mg)                             220.0
         • Iron (mg)                                           2.1
         • Retinol (ug)                                       420
         • Thiamine (mg)                                   0.1
         • Riboflavin (mg)                                  0.4
         • Niacin (mg)                                        0.1
         • Folic Acid (ug)                                  78.3
         • Vitamin B12 (ug)                                0.2
  Note:- Eggs are a rich source of all nutrients except Vitamin C for ascorbic Acid. For these reason eggs play vital role to increases the immunity power of the body.



Egg is super nutritious for your body because it contains lots of amino acids and antioxidants. thus it play vital roles to prevent coronavirus 

Poached Eggs.

Poached Egg

Scrambled Eggs.

Scrambled Eggs

Fried Eggs.


Custards – a. Baked Custards, b. Soft Custards.







  • Eggs are used as boiled, scrambled, or poached for breakfast.
  • Like a thickening agent  Stirred  Custards, Puddings.
  • Emulsifying Agent like Mayonnaise.
  • Used as a Leavening Agent – Cakes, Foamy Omelette.
  • Binding and Coating Agent – Cutlet, French Toast.

  • Garnishing Agent – Boiled eggs are sometimes used to garnish dishes.  

Glazing Agent – for pastries to give the surface a golden brown colour while making.

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