How to Make Soya Cutlet | Healthy Soya Chunks Cutlet Recipe

How to Make Soya Cutlet | Healthy Soya Chunks Cutlet Recipe


 Ingredients : 1 CUP = 240 ml

• ½ cup soya bean chunks or granules
• one cup potatoes grated.
• ¾ cup carrot grated.
• ½ cup beans finely slicedyou’ll use inexperienced peas conjointly.
• Oil PRN – two to three tbsp oil for cooking.
• one tsp ginger garlic paste.
• ½ tsp cumin / jeera.

• ¼ tsp turmeric.
• one tsp coriander powder.
• ½ tsp garam masala.
• Salt PRN.
• ¾ to one tsp red flavourer.
• one inexperienced chili shredded. (You will skip for kids)
• one handful coriander leaves shredded.
• three tbsp rice flour for suspension.
• ¼ cup water ( +2 tbsp optional).
• ½ to ¾ cup bread crumbs for coating.


How to Make the Soya Cutlet Recipe :

1. Grate potatoes and carrots if you using raw. Chop beans very finely.

2. Boil soyabean or soy granules in predicament for two to four minutes. Drain them. Squeeze of the surplus water and rinse well few times. Squeeze and drain up the water. mix them to a rough texture.

 3. Heat a pan with white oil and seasoning  with cumin. Saute ginger garlic until it smells good. Add potatoes , Carrots, Beans or peas and saute for a min.

 4. Cover and cook on a low heat until soft.

5. Add all the spice powders- garam masala,turmeric powder, chili powder, coriender powder,  and salt. Mix well.

 6. Add soy and coriander leaves.

 7. Mix and cover and cook on a low heat for 2 to 4 mins or until completely cooked.
 8. The mixture must bind well at this stage.If it’s does not bind well you’ll be able to add a pair of to four tbsps bread crumbs or roast besan. Cool utterly.

 9. Make patties and set aside.

 10. Make a slurry by mixing the rice flour and water.

 11. Dip each of these patties in the slurry and then coat with the bread crumbs. Set aside for ten minutes.

 12. Heat a wide pan with oil. When it is hot enough place the parties in oil and fry on a medium heat until golden on both the sides.

13. Serve soya cutlet with sauce or chutney.

Nutritional Value :

It is a very healthy, churchy and delicious food. It also contains different Nutrients like – calories, carbohydrates, Protein, fat, sodium, potassium, Calcium, iron, vittamin A, Vitamin C.

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